SCIENCE MEANS EXPERIENCE , students of 5th Primary


 Last Thursday, students of 5th Primary carried out a Science Fair Day. Teaching-learning process not only consists of giving theory, but also connecting it with reality. Step by step, this project has linked theory with experience by doing. Is it not what education consists of?

With this innovative purpose, our students could choose between building an structure or a machine. That job should be designed, developed and built in groups up to 6 people.

Results were outstanding! Varied projects that performed so well.  For instance, some groups made efficient cars mixing electric and wind energy. Trully enviromentally friendly and working so good! Other students presented projects as an ATM (money extractor), a lift moved by pulleys and some interesting ships. More projects were shown, as for example a rotating chair's attraction (including the ticketing stand), rockets, catapults and different slipways.


These students did a really good job the big day, doing a trully interesting expositions. Impressive projects, achieved by working in teams throughout a communicative approach and collaborating in all the projects, students were able to learn Science in an English environmental context. They just nailed it! 



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